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Why Us?

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Tech Monads
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 What’s That? 
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At 366Pi Technologies we believe in creating enough reasons for you to consider working with us and choosing us as your preferred technology partners. We just don’t want to mention some Top 10 insane reasons for you to consider us, as past achievement is no guarantee for future success. It’s an ever changing market where new rules are getting created every single day and the only way to survive and leave a mark is to be abreast of the technological change and innovations across the globe.

And, that’s exactly the second reason for you to consider us.

We are globally connected technology monads with an ability to foresee any change and transfer the same to your organization

You are Awesome!In case you’re wondering about the first reason, then get connected and allow us to create the same for you. And, now that we too have joined the 10 pointer “Why Us” loop, let us give few more reasons for you to have a laugh.

“We communicate, collaborate, and contribute on 24/7 basis and hence you are never away from support”.

No hidden charges, just hidden codes which gets shipped to you. We respect your IP

We don’t just understand technology, but business as well. We’re backed by our Business & Management consulting team

“Guided by experience, driven by passion, professionals with dedication”

We don’t guarantee satisfaction. We go hand-in-hand as long as you’re not satisfied

We never say we’re the only experts out there in market, ready to deliver quality every time we work for you. But, we too are experts and we lead by setting examples. Change is the only constant, Growth is optional.

Choose Wisely!!!! business_contact