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Transformation for Digital Content Publishing Company

Digital News and Opinion Startup engages 366Pi to build an integrated Digital Business.

About Point Blank 7
Point Blank 7 (PB7), an independent online publication, aims to provide an alternative and focused view of news and commentaries on issues often ignored, slaughtered and overlooked by the mainstream media. Their crowd sourced content is a healthy mix of expert analysis, narratives, features, inspirational stories and detailed assessment of polices. PB7 rely on detailed, focused coverage of the most compelling key issues of the day. They engage the best thinkers and writers to present their analysis, views and opinions on: topics which get media attention but not the way they deserve, topics which require media attention but remain neglected, topics which get slaughtered due to less media attention. It’s time to get involved, to tackle issues, make suggestions, come up with a constructive, positive critique of the functioning of the mainstream media in various areas and revive people’s belief in balanced journalism..

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366Pi developed the website, including front end-back end process, and other necessary features. Alignment between 366Pi Consulting and 366Pi Technologies saved client from nitty-gritty of managing too many teams; helping them save precious capital.

  • Point Blank 7


    “The efforts put in by the team at 366Pi Consulting & Technologies is commendable. The work was very methodically and professionally handled. I appreciate how the team took the effort to understand the mission and the vision of Point Blank 7 and designed and developed the website in accordance. All the tasks were handled independently and I did not have to worry about anything with regards quality and timely completion of the work. There were times when the team even delivered much more than promised. Your technical know and response time to solving problems in the site was also impressive. I am happy to be associated with 366Pi Companies- You are pretty awesome!”

    Founder Editor, PB7

Total Time to Deliver

Business Model Consulting 60days
Design & Development 70days
Marketing 30days
Support & Handholding 100days
About the Engagement
The client had a few years old business with ailing web presence, sub-optimal technology infrastructure. Executive management mandated adopting a robust CMS system, digitally integrated web-presence, and enhanced visual branding; achieving content excellence and adopting robust technology.

One Touch Image 366Pi established an onsite as well as offshore center to cater to the consulting need. While, the onsite center acted as a single point of contact to understand internal capability and expectations, the offshore office acted as a full-fledged development and support center. The project was structured around SPRINT based “Statement of Work” (SoW) and delivered using AGILE methodology. Initial phase was around requirement gathering, understanding internal capability, challenges, and mapping problems to appropriate solution. Interim phase revolved around releasing small SPRINT of completed task and collating feedback. The final phase involved developing the overall system and providing go-live support.

Working with the client, 366Pi was able to educate client around adopting right CMS system, and benefits of user experience. Post production defects were resolved through systematic requirement analysis and robust test support. 366Pi brought its more than a decade experience to deliver much more than promised, surpassing the client’s expectation.

How our Services Helped?

Cost Benefit
-Direct cost saving due to offshore delivery
-Cost reduction up to 50% due to platform agnostic approach
-Need based resource allocation
-AGILE time to market to provide early ROI
Quality Benefits
-Assurance of quality with highly experienced team
-Single point of communication
-SPRINT based process improvement
-High Test Case Coverage
Productivity Benefits
-One stop shop for both business & technology
-SPRINT based knowledge transfer
-Aligned Onsite/Offsite set-up
-24*7 work environment with 99.99% uptime
Digital Delivery Capabilities
Business and IT Integration
Analytic Capabilities
Business & IT Integration
Solution Delivery
Transforming User Experience
Social Engagement
Content Strategy
Top Line Growth
Transforming Operational Processes
New Features
Community Management
Data driven decision making
Transforming Business Model
Digitally modified business
Digital wrappers
Reshaping organizational boundaries

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