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Claiming insurance via online platform can be made easy with #BlockSurance. The two verified and potential parties meet at a common platform to discuss terms of claim at a particular price. The smart assets automatically update over the asset’s block to eliminate any human interference. It is an extension of #BlockContract which also utilizes the same configuration and being developed at 366PI. A banking or an insurance company looking forward into the focused area of #BankingAutomation, can contact #366PITechnologies.

Boys of Hoyts Clovelly Theatre "Spider's Web" Club ride their bikes while "Spiderman" looks on, by Sam Hood

In the law of probable outcomes the numbers lead a dance and everything boils down to the sacred geometry of chance. The advent of Social Media, in particular and usability of Digital Media in general osmoses the probability to actuality. Any business which does not invests in identifying the right set of digital media and getting connected to the consumer is losing out to the competition with every passing day. You have to be, willy-nilly, part of the change if you want your business to witness the tomorrow and not get left behind. Cloud undoubtedly provides you a runway to take off with the digital marketing stuff, at the same time integrating it with the third party tools to create an inbound pull factor.

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