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Tale of 2 Productive Engine : SharePoint & Salesforce

SharePoint and Salesforce are two doubles and not an opposing pair. The central idea of “Tale of Two Cities” is borrowed for the context of blog primarily to highlight the plight of organizations struggling with productivity and their endeavor to keep acquiring tool to become Productivity rich. Most of the time, tools are built or acquired in enterprises to fuel Transformation. This blog is trying to bring the perspective of co-existence for SharePoint and Salesforce as a force for sustaining growth and productivity.

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Community health worker gives a vaccination in Odisha state, India
Are you a Doctor or a healthcare provider or someone responsible by authority for health care?  At Villages, India or elsewhere, all of us are struggling with accessibility of Care. Many of us travel to nearest urban setup or even metros to get access to even a basic form of care. Is it sustainable? May be yes; but with associated costs and risks. Inter-Connectedness has provided all of us with a unique opportunity today to Link Community based initiatives, Programmes and Service Delivery for improving Primary Care. It takes more than a Doctor and a healthcare professional to keep the lives of people in Villages Healthy.

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In India, Hospitals accounts for 71% of total healthcare revenues in the country.  Private Hospitals have a largest share of healthcare delivery and will be amounting to 81% by 2015. Does these numbers communicate possibilities about India being accessible to quality and affordable healthcare? You need to look at these numbers with a “India-Wide-All-Inclusive” perspective. We were in a state of war with communicable disease for long. While our war ended in a truce with communicable diseases only to realize that we are into yet another trap of – Lifestyle Diseases, stashing away our 50% of in-patient beds spending. We have a long journey ahead for quality and sustainable healthcare services delivery. Read more


If we all go to “Complete the Phrases” contest – 90% of us would like to complete “Health Care Delivery with Affordable“, “Costs with Efficient or Ultra-Low” and “Quality with World-Class“. As Care-Seeker we would want a World-Class Healthcare delivery which is affordable and preferably ultra-low cost.

As a Health Care provider – *this is a challenge – keeping yourself Cost Efficient and equally maintaining the standards and quality of health care. Of many Levers which let you sustain the “Low Cost, but World Class Healthcare” scenario – Technology plays an important role.

Before addressing the spirit of the blog-title, let’s look at health care providers’ endeavor towards world-class delivery of health care services. How do they do it? Read more

White Cloud, Kansas, Grain Elevator near Troy in the Extreme Northeast Corner of the State...10/1974

Small and Medium businesses (SMB) may come in myriad varieties but, possess uniform set of problems and challenges. Any business organization, irrespective of its size, finds itself surrounded by larger needs, requirements, and activities to take care of. However, as known globally, most of those problems prove to be ephemeral if the organization has a flexible culture to adopt, adapt, and reach out to seek probable solutions i.e. Technology, especially cloud based. Ironically, most of the Companies startup, small-medium- refrain from exploring a probable solution that the technology might offer. All thanks to our ever perplexed evocative mindset which fails to distinguish between an investment and expenditure. We assume any investment as an expense if it’s not directly adding to the sales. Read more