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Our Approach to Delivery of Services

Our Approach

We have always believed that running an Information Technology company on the cloud is nowhere similar to flying an airplane over the same. Hence, for us it is next to impossible to define a set of approach through some flowchart or algorithm which says that

we takeoff at this speed at some degree of inclination and land at so and so angle at so and so speed
. We aren’t flying airplanes, but offering customized services. And believe us or not, neither we say that we take 360 degrees of service approach.
What difference it will create when after 360 degrees of turn we’ll reach the same starting point?

But, we know it’s a professional world out there and some Rosy piece of writing wouldn’t look much convincing. Hence, in the name of professionalism, the best we can say is that “We are flexible in our approach”. So, and for obvious reasons, why to travel 360 degrees, at client’s expense, if the problem could be solved just at 90 degrees? We define our approach as per your requirement, expectation, the challenge at hand, our capability, and overall maintaining transparency. I hope this should be enough reason for you to contact us.

Even if you’re not satisfied then let us carve an approach for you. And, we don’t have any intention to haunt you with some jargons like SDLC, SLA, High Level, Bench Mark, Six Sigma, ROI, and anything else which sounds more like weapons of mass destruction than class creation.

Let common sense prevail, and let’s approach anything as innocently as a child. Why to be Agile when ultimately slow and steady wins the race, and why to use Waterfall as long as you’re not planning to dance in the rain, and why to follow Scrum when ultimately you’ve to be Agile?

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