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Business Technology Strategy

Leverage trend to innovate and create sustainable values

The advent and success of cloud technology has made every work place global and virtual. Leveraging the trend requires re-inventing the wheel with flexibility at its core. The flexibility could be achieved through process innovation and optimum utilization of resources. 366Pi’s IT strategy services help companies in seamless business transformation around technology. Our strategic technology team is virtually global and our team of business and management consultant comes from 366Pi Consulting. We serve you 360 degrees around business and technology.

Our business technology strategy spans across following services:

Digital Strategy

  • Alignment of business and digital objective
  • Digital comparative analysis
  • Integration between business processes and digital media
  • Competitive advantage through digital adoption
  • Cost-Benefit analysis of digital adoption

Optimization Strategy

  • Sourcing model and plan
  • Outsourcing cost-benefit analysis
  • Outsourcing strategy
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational model alignment with business goals and objective

Leverage Technology to innovate your Business faster
Process Innovation & optimum Utilization of Resources